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Everyone is asking: where are the faces of Presidents? In South Dakota: Great Faces, Great Places ! And ‘the Mount Rushmore National Memorial , effigy across America. The faces of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln are the largest sculpture in the world, until it will be finished near the memorial to Crazy Horse will exceed that of ten times. It will be the focal point of the educational and cultural memory of and for the American Indians. South Dakota is the home of the tribes Dakota, Lakota and Nakota forming the Sioux Nation. It is in this state that honors the memory of the great Indian warrior Crazy Horse, Red Cloud, buried in the reserve of Pine Ridge and Sitting Bull, Sitting Bull in Mobridge where his remains South Dakota, USAare kept in a tomb once cemented, on which It stands a granite monument with the bust of the Indian leader, designed and executed by Korczak Zoilkowski, the artist of Crazy Horse Memorial . And always in this state are the legendary Black Hills , Black Hills, whose name derives from the word Lakota “Paha Sapa” to designate precisely the Black Hills, as covered by heavy pine forests. All in South Dakota is linked to the ancestral culture of the Native. The same Black Elk Wilderness of 4000 hectares in the heart of Norbeck Wildlife Reserve bears the name of Black Elk, Deer Black, a spiritual leader of the Oglala Lakota. As well as Mato Paha, “the Holy Mountain” (Bear Butte) origin of many Native American legends: the mountain rises to over 400 m. on the prairie that surrounds near Sturgis. In this land so deeply linked to the primordial history, time has its origins in millions of years ago. 

Scenic Byways Black Hills, South Dakota, USASplit Rock Creek, a waterway near Garretson, cut deep gorges through the Palisades State Park where geologists say that the Sioux quartzite Datin spirals over 1 billion years! The glaciers deposited thin layers of debris on the quartz formations; deposits of Pipestone from intense red to violet colors are located between the layers. This is just one of the rare areas of the US where you can find the Pipestone , mineral that Native Indians consider sacred. Paleontologist travelers, but also families with children, can not help but be fascinated by the Mammoth Site of Hot Springs which houses the largest concentration of bones of Mammoth Colombians and with his hair a previously undiscovered in the world. And a true National Natural Landmark and is also the only site in America where the skeletons were left exactly as they were found. It ‘an incredible place. Equally amazing are the fossilized remains of life of 50 million years ago that gathered in an unusual way, creating the largest and most distinguished of petrified wood park in the world in Lemmon.

Badlands, South Dakota, USAAbove the earth so many layers of history and the underground South Dakota lies the second longest cave in the world with over 190 km of passages: Jewel Cave with calcite crystals that shine illumination, shows intricate honeycomb formations. Another gem is the nearby Wind Cave that definitely boasts the most phantasmagoric, large and rare formations of stalagmites and stalactites in the world at 130 km. of underground corridors. Geology and paleontology of South Dakota do not end certainly here. The Badlands National Park – in fact – is the largest basin in the world of fossils of ‘Oligocene, between 25 and 35 million years ago and expands over 90,000 hectares showing travelers drylands, limestone, with gullies, spirals and pinnacles in the vast prairie protected in the United States.

And what about gold? Its discovery in 1875 in the Black Hills there was a real race, so that Deadwood became a major mining center. His time atmosphere retains the charm and reputation of sordid characters, gunfighters and outlaws, famous and often infamous. Its streets Wild Bill Hickok turned undisturbed, accompanied Calamity Jane. Curiosity can only attract to their graves in the small town cemetery, but if you want to find out who made it out by shooting at a gaming table, you’ll have to go to Yankton to find where he was buried after the conviction and hanging Jack McCall.
Buffalo RoundupThe spirit of the prairie is a constant reminder, as the roar of bison hooves in over 1,500 specimens graze protected at Custer State Park : played a key role in the lives of the Lakota Sioux, who since “tatanka” depended for food, clothing and shelter. Indulge in these true stories, leaving you carry the scenarios endlessly along the wide Missouri River that bisects the South Dakota. Still hear the singing of the natives and you will find the Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls . If not traveling to South Dakota following the passage from John Dunbarr of John Barry Dances with Wolves …

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